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Nanaimo Transit: Rob's card began to bend and the black strip began to come off. Now it won't swipe at all. But to get a new card, Rob first had to call and cancel his card before he received a new one. While waiting, Rob purchased a monthly bus pass that began to bend too. Upon doing some research, we found out that the cards are in fact thinner then past cards, yet the price is still the same.

Why is it that because of the quality of the card, the cards are more easily bent yet Rob must still pay the same price. We are only half way through the year and there have been reports of others having their cards broken in the same fashion too.

How much will Rob have to pay for a decision made by Nanaimo Transit?

AuthorNeil Cutler
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Meet Rob

Rob wants to lose weight. At 6'5", he would like to get to his ideal weight of 231 pounds. He is inspired by the guy from the Subway commercials (Jared Fogle) and sees himself as being able to hold up his old pants in front of a TV camera much like the Jared did in the commercials.

He is working at being more active by walking and also watching what he eats and drinks, making sure to drink less of the bad drinks such as pop and juice.

Rob realized he needed to lose weight when he began having difficulty getting into the company cars and trying to put the seatbelt on. At 384 pounds, he knew he needed to make healthier choices to be able continue to do the things he loves doing.

Rob is currently at 347 pounds, having lost 37 pounds to date. He lives on his own and is learning how to cook his own healthy meals in a slow cooker from help by his support workers at Supportive Apartment Living. He also attends once a week gym sessions with another support worker. His walking includes doing a newspaper route and walking to the hospital, where he volunteers.

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