Meet Rob

Rob wants to lose weight. At 6'5", he would like to get to his ideal weight of 231 pounds. He is inspired by the guy from the Subway commercials (Jared Fogle) and sees himself as being able to hold up his old pants in front of a TV camera much like the Jared did in the commercials.

He is working at being more active by walking and also watching what he eats and drinks, making sure to drink less of the bad drinks such as pop and juice.

Rob realized he needed to loose weight when he began having difficulty getting into the company cars and trying to put the seatbelt on. At 384 pounds, he knew he needed to make healthier choices to be able continue to do the things he loves doing.

Rob is currently at 347 pounds, having lost 37 pounds to date. He lives on his own and is learning how to cook his own healthy meals in a slow cooker from help by his support workers at Supportive Apartment Living. He also attends once a week gym sessions with another support worker. His walking includes doing a newspaper route and walking to the hospital, where he volunteers.

Meet Neil C

Neil C was born with left hemi cerebral palsy. Throughout his childhood, he spent an hour every day doing physio in order to maximize his potential. Yet once he became an adult, he found himself doing less and less physio. Through working at NSL, he found that over the summer months, he began feeling increasingly fatigued from everyday activities such as walking. When an opportunity arose to join a study looking at the effects of Botox, physio and leg bracing on Spasticity in a Study came up, he decided that he ought to immerse himself into the spirit of physical improvement.

Having never had Botox in the past, Neil was very nervous of it, especially since he had a phobia of needles, but the potential of trying something new that could offer the same benefits as surgery that he had in the past over rode his fear and he has since completed the year long study with fascinating results.

Neil continues to receive Botox once every 3 months and is still experimenting with where and how much Botox he receives in various muscles. So far, he has been able to increase the step to step distance he takes when walking by increasing the angle to which his hip can extend by over 4 degrees. This allows him to cover the same distance with fewer strides thus reducing the energy required. He plans to track his improvements via observing changes in his heart beat as well as the Physiological Cost Index (also known as the Energy Expenditure Index).

This blog's mission is to help Neil track his improvements in walking efficiency and to educate others on the implications that disABILITY can have on the efficiency of movement for those with physical disABILITIES.