Bus Training


Bus Training is an important aspect of a client's independence. Staff will work 1-1 with clients to help teach them how to take the bus. This is often only a temporary referral until the client and family feels they have succeeded in their desired goals. Clients are encouraged to learn at their own pace and comfort level. We use a structured training technique which includes the following steps:

  • Discussing the goals of the client: Do they want to take a specific bus at a specific time to a specific location, or do they want to have a more general understanding of taking the bus?
  • Working 1-1 with the client: Staff begins by joining the client on the bus, discussing important factors while commuting.
  • Semi-independence: Depending on how the client feels, staff will develop strategies to encourage the independence. Whether it be meeting them at a chosen bus stop or shadowing the bus by car.

If you are interested in this service, talk to your Nanaimo CLBC Facilitator and ask for a bus training referral.